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Read what SmilesHUB is doing to provide safe environment to patients and staff in light of COVID-19

The safety and well-being of all our team, patients and our community is our topmost priority. We have always adhered to the guidelines of the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and ADA(American Dental Association) and practice OSHA standards of infection control on a daily basis. During and post COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to take these standards to an even more superior level.

Every instrument we use is thoroughly sterilized before each use, if an item cannot be sterilized it is disposed of after its use. Every surface including dental chairs, counter-tops, door knobs and handles etc. are wiped down with hospital grade disinfectants to ensure elimination of surface pathogens.

In compliance with the recommendations for public health, we will be monitoring health of team members and anyone with cough, fever or displaying any other symptom of COVID-19 should stay home. Every team member will have temperature taken and recorded everyday

At SmilesHUB we would be seeing only one patient at a time avoiding traffic in reception area and giving us enough time to disinfect treatment rooms and reception area in between patients. Upon entering SmilesHUB, patients will be asked to sanitize their hands, wear masks, and fill out a COVID-19 intake form for screening, and their temperature will be taken with infrared thermometer. Patients are also welcome to bring their own masks. At the beginning of every appointment, patients will be asked to pre-rinse with PEROXIDE mouth rinse which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

We have invested in air filtration to have surgically clean air in our facility. We have H13 MEDICAL GRADE AIR FILTERS in reception area, front desk and hallways. The treatment rooms have HYPER HEPA FILTRATION installed which can remove any particle up to 100 times smaller than COVID-19 virus.

During any dental procedures creating aerosols (for example during cleaning or when there is use of dental hand piece) there will be an aerosol remover sitting next to the patient which reduces any aerosols from escaping. We also have ISOLITE 3 technology for patients comfort to make the procedure more efficient and reduce any aerosol produced from dental hand-piece and cleaning instruments. We have also upgraded central HVAC unit with higher MERV rating filters to improve the quality of air and reduce aerosol in the air. The treatment rooms will be undergoing 30 min UV light disinfection in between every patient. UV light has been shown to kill microbes by disrupting their genetic material. For our pediatric patients we are offering fillings that do not require anesthetic or use of dental drill.

The dentist and assistant would be carrying out exams and procedures with N95 mask and face shield to reduce any chance of infection to and from the patient.

We are also offering tele-dentistry to our patients who would like to have virtual consults. We use a secure HIPAA compliant software that is accessible from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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