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Had a great experience at Smileshub. The attention to detail and state of the art equipment really shows the dedication to providing the best experience possible. Dr Sushant Dhadwal was very knowledgeable and explained everything. The staff was friendly and welcoming.. The Nescafé in the waiting area and modern decor made the office feel classy but cozy!

If you are looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend them!

Christy Hernandez


Very impressed with everything! Amazing facility, and this by far has been the best dentist visit I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend.

Misael Hernandez



Dr. Ritu and Sushant Dhadwal are mine and my mother’s dentist from a long time. They both are very professional, knowledgeable doctors and care for their patients.

Smiles Hub is made with modern concept and well-cleaned facility in Oakbrook, Dr. Ritu Dhadwal is a good listener, detailed at her work. I highly recommend this place.

Ekta Sethi


I’ve been with the same dentist for the last decade. I was ready for a change of dentist and a trusted friend recommended Smiles Hub. She said they were opening a location near me so I decided to book three appts. I can honestly say that my twenty year old, my fifteen year old and I were all very happy with our dental cleanings. The office is lovely, very modern, clean and state of the art. More importantly the dentist was very nice, attentive and listened to my concerns. I get very anxious during dental visits and I felt very at ease during my cleaning. She kept asking how I was and kept making sure I was comfortable. I have future dental work to be completed and it went so well that I scheduled my next appt after my cleaning. The dentist, the staff and the office are all outstanding. The equipment is modern and the time to explain every process was useful and eye opening, my cleaning was thorough and my teeth feel awesome! She showed my the problem areas with a small camera she used to show me my teeth, very cool. There was a tv to watch while the cleaning was taken place, her assistant was very professional and a bunch of extras that I hadn’t had before at my previous provider. I went to work and recommended them to all my co-workers. If you’re thinking about finding a new dentist, I 100% recommend SmilesHub.

Vee Yc


It is evident that once you walk in to Smileshub that they cater to their clients and that they come first. Everything from complimentary coffee to Dasani Sparkling water, to the TV mounted above you to watch as you get your teeth cleaned. It is apparent that no expense was spared to make you feel welcomed and comfortable, just as the Dentist visit should be. The customer service is exceptional, I felt like my comfort was primary concern from everyone on the staff. I laid on the chair watching cat and dog videos above while receiving routine dental work. I hardly noticed or heard the instruments as I also had on Bluetooth headphones during. Can you say that about your dentist visit? The recommendations from my, now NEW, dentist felt genuine and to my needs and not generic.

I highly recommend you stop in and see for yourself.

Balo Gonzalez


Extremely happy with their innovative and compassionate care.

Anchal Saini



The best oral health clinic in the area . The highest degree of compassion and care for the patients . Pain free dentistry with advance technology . Highly recommended.

Taran Kapoor

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